The Roman Thermal Spas of Europe

EuropeSpa is one of the three main partners of the European health tourism project “The Roman Thermal Spas of Europe". This project constitutes the first initiative to unite thermal spas and health resorts of Roman origin. Based at the intersection of health and culture tourism the project offers a unique combination of wellness and history. Currently, eight thermal spa destinations across Europe participate in the project: Aidipsos (Greece), Badenweiler (Germany), Baile Herculane (Romania), Budapest (Hungary), Chaves (Portugal), Chianciano Terme (Italy), Dax (France) and Hisarya (Bulgaria). The project partners have developed a whole range of high quality travel packages that guests can choose from and directly book online. EuropeSpa was responsible for the development of the criteria for the participating health resorts as well as for providing the quality label for thermal facilities with Roman origin. As of spring 2016 the formerly EU-funded project will be transferred into an independent marketing organisation, headquartered at EuropeSpa.

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